ProHealth Analytics

Pro Health Analytics Software

A single, central platform for organisations to track and analyse health and fitness data, and make sense of the results to inform better decisions.

It's a powerful cloud-based platform that brings all your health data into one place and lets you spot trends and patterns.

You can import your own data into the app, or use our testing tools to capture it directly with each test your run.


Data Analysis

Centralised platform to track and analyse health and fitness data so you can spot trends and patterns easily


Cloud-based online platform lets you access all of your data from any device, anywhere


Measure and understand how effective health & fitness interventions are


Easily create custom assessments, groups, and user insight reports with just a few clicks

Self Reporting

Self-reporting & questionnaires delivered through a private & secure user portal

Import data

Import your current user data into the software easily, or let us take care of it with our White Glove Setup

Messaging & Content

Secure messaging & content sharing features so you can keep everything in one place

Appointment Management

Appointment scheduling syncs with your work calendar


GDPR compliant on secure & encrypted servers with 99.99% uptime & backups, so your data stays secure and always available

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